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Terms and Conditions

* Age and Driving License

When taking over the vehicle, you must present a valid driving license. The license must have at least 1 year of validity. You must be at least 19 years old to be eligible to rent a car.

* Accepted methods of payment

For your convenience, we advise you to pay for your rental by authorized payment card, cash or check from Morocco. The payment of the estimated amount of the rental will be required at the departure of the vehicle, the non-compliance with the rental period provided when taking over the vehicle, will systematically enforce public rates depending on the period. A credit or debit card (owned by the renter and with his/her first name and last name) or cash deposit will be required upon pickup.
The amount of the deposit is equal to that of the franchise. For the purposes of the rental of the vehicle, the company Quaraouiwine Car, taken in its capacity as Lessor, will proceed with the customer’s bank,  to a request for pre-authorization of the amount of the valid deposit for the duration of the rental of the booked vehicle. In case the booking is confirmed by the presence of the person who will rent the car, a minimum security deposit of 200.00 euro and required in case of loss of key or papers of the car.

* Our rates include:

• Oil, maintenance and car documents.
• The provision of the vehicle.
• Unlimited mileage.
• Unlimited third-party liability insurance and third party accidents.

* Our rates do not include:

• The incompressible franchise or the franchise in case of the theft of the vehicle.
• Fuel: Vehicles must be returned with the same fuel level as the original.
In the opposite case, the missing fuel will be charged at the public price in addition to the refilling costs up to  600 MAD including tax.
• The costs of non-return of a rented vehicle accessory (ex. GPS).

* in case of accident, theft or fire:
*** the tenant agrees

– to inform the lessor immediately of any accident and to give him a legible copy of the report within 48 hours maximum specifying the circumstances of the accident signed by both parties.

– to report the theft or fire to the local authorities, to inform the lessor and to provide him with the receipt of the declaration delivered by the authorities, to return all the documents of the vehicle as well as the keys.

*In case of car breakdown

Quaraouiwine Car does not undertake to provide the renter with a vehicle of the same model rented, we guarantee you against the vehicle of the same category or a higher category in case of non availability.